Monday, October 16, 2017

REVIEW Lotus Professional PHYTORx Intensive Repair Anti-ageing serum


Hello girls, i am back after a long time and today i am going to write about the Lotus Professional Intensive Repair Anti-Ageing Serum. This comes in a pack of 30 ml and costs INR Rs 745. The container is made up of glass with plastic cap and pump. It has got a pump dispenser.

What Lotus claims about the Lotus Professional Intensive Repair Anti-Ageing Serum? : PHYTORx Intensive Repair Anti-ageing serum is a concentrated blend of Ginger, Ginseng & Whey Protein extracts.
It helps stimulate skin-firming collagen to improve suppleness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Active Organic Ingredients :
Ginseng : Fight wrinkles and boosts skin-firming collagen.
Ginger : Antioxidant, improves elasticity of the skin
Whey Protein : Boosts collagen, effectively reduces wrinkle depth

Directions :- Every morning & evening after cleansing with PHYTORx Skin Smoothing Anti-Ageing Face wash, apply all over face and neck in conjunction with PHYTORx Skin Firming Anti-Ageing Creme/Skin Renewing Anti-Ageing Night Creme.

Now let me write something about what i felt after using the Lotus PHYTORx Intensive Repair Anti-ageing serum. This is an okayish product, works well to moisturize the skin and may be brighten the face a little bit. I cannot comment on the anti-ageing properties as i really did not see any noticeable difference in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. So, i will not be definitely buying the product again, however this one is a good product if you just have a tad bit of fine lines and mainly looking for something to moisturize.

Lotus PHYTORx Intensive Repair Anti-ageing serum's consistency is gel like, clear with no color. Got a slight smell which would be a bit similar to aloe vera gel. The consistency is a bit thick. So may not be suitable for oily skin. However, works fine on normal to dry skin.

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