Sunday, March 20, 2011


(PICTURE TAKEN BY ALENA KRATOCHVILOVA <a href=""><img src="" alt="Public Domain Pictures" border="0" /></a> ).

Its your wedding day, and certainly you want to look your best. You want to woo your dream man and make him yours forever. Whether you are endowed with good looks or not, you can always look better with some quick and easy beauty tips.

A few days before the special day, make sure to visit a parlour or a beauty salon, and go for a pre-bridal package which includes facial, manicure, pedicure, hair treatment, waxing, bleaching, threading and a few other additional services which depend on the salon.

Now groom yourself to a queen on the wedding day. Makeup can do wonders. And so, go for a consultation session and if possible a trial session, before the D-day, so that, your makeup artist knows exactly what goes on well with you. If you are too good at doing your own makeup, then you can do it yourself even. Just scroll down, to have a look at some tips which can also assist you in looking perfect.

Dont forget to start by priming your whole face, including eyelids, lips. Apply powder mineralized foundation preferably since you are going to stay with the makeup for long hours, and you dont wanna look greasy and patchy. Go for a warm bright lip colour in roses, pinks or reds. They also look great in photos. Dont opt for eyeshadows that match with your dress, instead go for lighter shadows. Sparkly eyeliners are an absolute no-no. This day is not for experimentation and be very cautious of overdoing, which may make you look very artificial. Keep it natural and fresh. Choose a warm flattering cheek colour in pinks, peaches or rose. Start applying it from the apples of the cheeks, and never forget to blend it towards your hairline. If you want a lustrous glow, dab some shimmer or highlighter on the apples of your cheeks, bridge of the nose, middle of your chin and forehead. Add a light dusting of loose powder. Create lush lashes by using a lash curler and applying two thin coats of lengthening mascara.

Look your sensual best with these guidelines. Best wishes for your wedding! Feel beautiful and keep looking gorgeous always. 


  1. D pix is luvly! And da tips ar great! Keep it up! I Will wait for more blogs of ur's.