Monday, May 30, 2011


RATING - 6.5 OUT OF 10

Hello dear lovelies, last week i got this concealer from my favourite cosmetic store, and did not get time to try it out, until yesterday. Now before i start off, i must tell you i have super oily skin, and undergoing a skin treatment for the past 3 months, to fight with acne. So, i really take extra care before trying out new products.

Firstly i must say that the concealer stays for long hours, and does not streak. But it gives a medium coverage, unable to conceal acne marks or blemishes. But yes if you have got a flawless skin, then its geat for you. Covers under-eye dark circles well, though i have not tried it on myself since i dont have dark circles, but i heard it.

Not at all heavy or cakey, super blendable. Its too light to apply.Its tube shaped. Weighs around 0.17 oz and priced at US $ 7.50 approximately. You will get a wide range of shades so thats an added advantage. Go to the Loreal website to know about the specifications in detail.

I really did not like the packaging. Its too plain. And the product inside the tube is little. Still one thing good is that, a little product is sufficient. Though, it is not much of a help for my skin which is far from flawless, still gals with great skin can go for it, since it is not that costly.

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  1. have nt tried dis product out yet. loreal is too expensive i neva buy it