Thursday, June 2, 2011

LOTUS Moistpetals- Ultra Mositurising Lipsticks


Its a pack of 4.2 grams and retails for INR Rs 265. LOTUS claims it hydrates the lips, making it softer and the lipstick is enriched with botanical extracts which makes the lipcolor creamier thus moisturizing the lip skin. Lotus also claims that the lip colors are highly pigmented with vibrant colors.

It comes in 19 shades and is long lasting. I too agree on the point personally, it stays well for atleast 4 hours without touch-ups. Does not come off, after you drink. I dont know how much it moisturises the lips, but atleast it wont make your skin flaky and dry. My lips were normal after i used it for 4 to 5 hours. But the color slightly faded and the sheen was lost at the end of the 5th hour.
LEFT : 141, RIGHT : 180

LEFT:141, RIGHT:180
It has got a slight fragrance, nothing unbearable. But i personally did not like the packaging, it looks like a disfigured body. I got one free after buying one. So right now, i have got only 2 shades - 141 petal rose and 180 natural haze. 141 is little frosted so i just dont like it, but 180 is much better.

Frankly speaking, i am not that satisfied with the lip colors, not gonna re-purchase the lipsticks. 

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