Monday, June 13, 2011

STILA Illuminating tinted moisturiser SPF 15

RATING - 6.5 OUT OF 10

This tinted moisturiser from STILA Cosmetics, is a combo pack of moisturiser and foundation. It costs US $ 32 for a pack of 1.7oz. Little greasy, and does not provide the desired coverage of a foundation. But just for touch-us, or if you just wanna add some shimmer to your look, then this is okay. But it adds a beautiful glow to your face, that is why i love the product a lot. But people with oily skin, dont use a lot of the product since this is a bit oily.

It moisturises the skin, but this is the reason i wont recommend it to ladies with oily skin. But then it gives an illuminating glow to your face. And the pack is quite lovely, packed in a white tube. You just need to squeeze out a little amount of the product without dipping your fingers or brush, so thats really convenient.

The product is not light-weight, rather heavy. Which may result in break-outs and acne. And is available in two shades, one for medium to lighter skin tones, and other for darker ones.  Also, its rather highly priced, so makeup addicts like me, who are on a budget, cant afford to buy it. As a tinted moisturiser, except adding some glow to your face, the product does not live upto the expectation.

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