Friday, July 22, 2011


Myth is a traditional story accepted as history that serves to explain man's emotion and imagination. Likewise, Six Pack Abs Myths tell about some widely focused human emotion and imaginative concepts of having attractive Six Pack Abs through some unproductive and rather unrealistic means that ultimately frustrate people and kill their very rational desire of possessing a flat belly exposing Abs’ muscles. It has been noticed that people following the Myths being widely advertised, get dejected and confused as the haunting Myths fail to show results. They keep on wandering about the right process to fix up their problems, but 99% of them remain unanswered. Now, let me tell you 3 of such Myths that may be, in case you have faith in them, keeping you fat.

 First Myth: The more you do Abs Exercises, the faster you get Six-Pack.

 This is quite farcical as this Myth shows no sign of telling what is true. But, surprisingly, a major portion of the modern and educated people do not know that all of us have inborn abs and so, to concentrate trying on various abs machines would not pay until and unless some efforts in the form of regular exercises are taken to reduce fat that prevents the abs from being noticed. Its better that you go for prescribed dieting and more physical exercises to reduce the fat proportionately from your whole body and a fatless body, in turn, will help expose your abs. Do not consume foods having high calorie and carbohydrate. Some cardio will also help the fat to reduce.  You are lucky if you are already having a fatless belly but not having Six Pack, because, in this case, you have only to make your abs muscles more prominent by abs exercises using considerable weight. 

 Second Myth: - Buy (blah ----blah ----blah) and get Six -Pack at ease.

 Doesn’t it sound like a cock and bull story? If you have the minimum common sense, you should reject such Myth instantly after going through the particular advertisements. Don’t possess any such false ideas of developing Six-Pack just only with something like fat belts, or high-priced electro arousal machines or anything that just tempts you to buy some pills, or liquids. Be rational and think that hard work has no substitutes. Try to remove fat from your body and belly as well with the aid of regular exercises. Don’t expect to keep your body at rest and something (blah-blah-blah) that you have purchased, to work for reducing your fat.

 Third Myth: Remove Fat on Spot- It would not be without merit to say that you look devoid of good sense and judgment if you put the lowest faith in such Myth. Considerable number of enquires are being received each week from people asking for exercises to remove excess fat around the waistline or belly fat. It’s not a job that can be done in minutes, but instead if you go for 12-minute jogging, conforming to a standard or pattern, it can surly give you some positive result fructifying your dream of having the first-step done towards Six-Pack.

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