Thursday, July 28, 2011



People have become fitness conscious nowadays. They pay more and more attention on their fitness. There are a few fitness trends people are adopting to have a healthy and smarter figure. Have look at five craziest fitness activities which are in vogue.
 Daring to become bare:

Man is in his natural state when he is without clothes. Toning the bare body is a good fitness exercise. What it needs is privacy where no one can see you. But people dare to become bare in presence of others and do nude yoga and exercise.

 Ariel Yoga:
This is anti gravity fitness activity. One stands on his head pointing his legs skywards. It includes some acrobatics and gymnastic activities in the air which is helpful for stressed joints.

Whirling on Karaoke:

Singing is always a good exercise. Coupled with dancing, it works wonder. It involves stationary cycling and people sing along with microphone handed around the room. Whirling with karaoke is very good for fitness. It relieves the muscles of the body and brain. It relieves the calves and thighs if done properly. It is a recreation as well.  

Pole dancing and burlesque dance:

 Pole dancing brings to mind sensuousness. But here it is not sensuous stuff. It is great for fitness. It maintains body flexibility and what is crucial for fitness is the flexibility. It works wonder for the abs. It involves rhythmic movements such as spin and hang, dance acrobatically, climb and diving.  It is worth doing as it makes the body beautiful. The burlesque dance enhances the self confidence as well as fitness level.
Hula Hoops:

 It is another craziest fitness activity. It helps reduce the tummy fat and become slim. It involves swinging with hoops around the waist. It involves hopping and helps in losing enough of extra weight.

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