Friday, March 30, 2012

Cryotherapy : To get Anew younger looking skin!

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You must have wondered, what are the techniques using which cosmetologists and dermatologists successfully gifts you a younger looking skin, even when you are in your 40s or 50s. So here we have discussed about one such therapy  by which your doctor has helped you immensely in looking more younger and getting many admirers with each passing day!

Cryotherapy is the method of freezing the fat cells in the body to death. This method uses extremely high cold temperatures to freeze the fat cells. This method eliminates all fine lines and abolishes spider veins. This method works on sub-zero temperatures and it is mainly used in cosmetic surgery. It eliminates the wrinkles and marks in body by freezing to very low temperatures. If one’s face has many high complexions, or pimples, types of acne, this method is the best to clear the marks. Many cosmetologist and dermatologist use cryotherapy methods nowadays. Liquid carbon dioxide dipped in acetone is washed over the skin first. The extreme cold is provided by liquid nitrogen and that produces low temperature.

Image courtesy : gettyimages

The low temperature and freezing cold peels the skin away and provides the inner skin layer which a gloss to the outer skin. There are many specialists for conducting cryotherapy and they have special tools and equipments to perform the operation. The cryotherapy mainly causes fast dilation and contraction of blood vessels. The regeneration of the new skin layer and gloss layer is due to the fact that regeneration of cells is faster after being erased. This method is highly safe and do not create any side effects. This method of treatment also does not require much number of sittings and depends on the intensity of problem.

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