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MAC Carbon eyeshadow is one of the most hyped eyeshadows in the whole world. Whether you have any other MAC eyeshadows or not, Mac Carbon eyeshadow is on the priority list of all make-up lovers.

MAC eyeshadows are too pricey, but the fact that its generally used by renowned make-up artists and celebrities all over the world, kind of makes it worthy of such a price. So I got a refill pan of MAC carbon eyeshadow consisting of 1.5 gm of the product. MAC eyeshadow refill pans cost approximately INR Rs 700 each in India.

MAC claims : Highly pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.

MAC Carbon eyeshadow is jet black eyeshadow, and its matte (YAY!) The lasting power is quite good, just like any other MAC eyeshadows. But alas, its not so pigmented, so I really need a bit more to see the color on the eyes. Also if you apply the eyeshadow over your eyeliner, if you want create a smudgy look, then Carbon makes the entire thing ashy instead of matte black.

MAC carbon eyeshadow can be used as an eyeliner for a smoky effect or you can apply Carbon on the outer corner of your eyes. Remember to use an eyeshadow brush and not your fingers to get the desired results. Two things which I love about MAC carbon eyeshadow is that its matte (in the Indian cosmetic market I find a scarcity of matte eyeshadows) and I got really less fall-out while applying the eyeshadow even though it’s a powdery shadow.

If you want to use your MAC carbon eyeshadow, first apply an eye primer or your concealer for base and then eyeshadows. You will get a better color pay-off and the shadows will blend well.
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