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9 Things to do to get beautiful nails for less!

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We often neglect our nails when it comes to saving some bucks for going to eat or shopping fine dresses. But nails are a part of your body, which needs proper care and beautification too. So in this post, aEsThEtIcS puts down the few essential points which when followed can give you beautiful nails, without shelling all your extra savings.

1.      Do it yourself ( DIY ) – You can instantaneously cut down the cost on nails if you learn to do manicure and pedicure by yourself. However if you have nail salons nearby the locality which gives decent services at cheap rates, then save your energy and time, by visiting those salons instead of doing the nails yourself.

2.      Apply thin coats of nail paint instead of thick – If you thought painting your nails thickly saves from painting it again and again in a week, let me tell you, thick layers take longer time to dry and can chip easily. So, thinner layers are better for the nails.
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     3. Go to cheaper nail salons, instead of fancy ones – If you have a habit of going to the fancy nail spas, then it is obvious the expenditure will be more. Therefore chose a nice but cheap salon.

4.      Buff the nails – If you are a fidgety person, or do not get much time for manicure or pedicure, the fingernails might chip off easily. But if you buff your nails, which take very less amount of time, it stays on a long time. You need not worry about your fingernails and toenails work-up. You will get shiny gorgeous nails within moments by buffing.


5.      Keep your nails short – If your nails are short and rounded, it wont chip easily. Whereas long nails which are cut in a square shape or are flat when hits a hard surface, can chip and crack easily.


6.      Re-apply nail polish every week – Buy nail polish of your own and re-apply every week. Choose nail polishes which are free of chemical ingredients. So after you have got your nails done  from salon, apply one coat of polish every week.


7.      Topcoat – If you want your mani and pedi to last longer, apply the topcoat at least after every 3 days.


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8.      Go for just color change instead of full manicure – Ask for just the color change of nail polishes instead of going for full mani and pedi every time you visit the salon. You might not be requiring the full manicure every time, so why should you waste the money by re-doing it!


9.      Protect your nails – As you have already invested your money on nails, take care of the nails. So whenever you are doing any household chores like washing dishes, opening cans, etc wear gloves on both the hands to protect your nails.

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  1. Hey that's a nice article. Tough I wonder how many actually follow the point 8 :P