Friday, August 31, 2012

Review of MAC Expensive Pink Eye shadow


MAC Expensive Pink has a Veluxe pearl finish, and is basically a pink eye shadow with duo chrome. It costs INR Rs 680 for a refill pan. It has coral undertones in it. This eye shadow is suitable for almost all skin types. If you are much into brown eye shadow for everyday purpose, this pink eye shadow will bring an instant change in your looks.

You can use the MAC Expensive Pink eye shadow as an overall eye color all over the eyelids, and then just for the winged eyeliner. However you can also pair this eye shadow by simply lining your upper lash line with a brown eye pencil. The eye shadow has golden shimmers in it which gives the duo-chrome look.

MAC Expensive Pink eye shadow is not highly pigmented, but it is more or less having an okayish pigmentation. This MAC eye shadow is smooth and non-powdery. It stays on for a long time on the eyelids, and can be worn every day, it’s a wearable shade, I must say.

The MAC Expensive Pink eye shadow is the most flattering eye shadow for medium skin tones, though I assume that the glittery golden particles stand out more prominently when a dark skinned beauty uses the eye shadow. Just remember to apply a good eye primer, so that the eye shadow will last longer.

Some pink eye shadows make the eyes look sullen and tired, so in order to test whether the MAC Expensive Pink eye shadow suits your skin tone, please try it out on the MAC store before buying it.

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  1. Without a liner, this too made my eyes look dull. So I had left it when I went to Mac. Nice review :)
    Followed you. Please see my blog too sometimes :)

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, sure will visit your blog soon dear! :)