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How to do speedy make-up

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If you cant afford to invest more than 30 minutes for your makeup and hair, and still want to look glam hot, then follow the tips and tricks mentioned below, and be the speedy stylist yourself, whom you always wanted to hire before today!


Now if you are on the go or in your office, it wont be possible for you to start from scratch, and cleanse your face before beginning the makeup regime. Therefore, it is highly advisable, that ladies should carry facial wipes or blotting papers in their purses. Even if you don’t have the time to wash your face with facial foam, use a blotting paper.

Many women replace the blotting paper, with face powder. But if you keep on patting powder on your shiny or oily face, then it becomes cakey and patchy, instead of giving a matte look!

Next thing, you need to have is a concealer. It might not be possible to carry a bottle of foundation with yourself always. But then you can always use a concealer on the problem zones. But then do not apply a lot of the concealer.

To conceal the weary drained out look, add some color to your cheek, with a pink toned blush. AEsThEtIcS recommends using a lip/cheek stain as a blusher since you wont need a brush to apply then. Also the cheek stains are much smooth to be applied, and gives a glowy effect to the face. Cream blushes are also cool!

You can give the final touch by spraying some make-up mist on your face to get the dewy fresh face.


As you have already some makeup on, just separate your dried out lashes with a mascara comb, and reapply one coat of mascara on the eyelashes. Do not over-do this part, as you wont like to end up having spidery lashes.

If you want you can change the color of the eyeliner, like from black to brown or dark blue. You can also thicken the eyeliner. Due to bad lighting, aEsThEtIcS suggests you should never ever try anything with eyeshadows in the office bathroom, however if you are at your home or in your car, then obviously you can try and experiment with the shadow thing.


For a quick easy make-up, carry lipstick and not lipgloss in your purse. Lipsticks are easier to be applied and stay generally longer. You can also use some lipsticks as blusher. A vibrant bold lip color can instantly make you look much refreshed and better, even after the tiring workday!


Always have an anti-frizz gel or serum in your purse. Whether your hair is straight or curly or wavy, this anti-frizz serum will help the flyways to settle soon. If you are having a bad hair night or evening, your hair looks limp and dull, do not worry! Go for a high ponytail or a low bun at the nape of your neck. For a change, you can also try the side braid or side ponytail.

If you are in a time crunch, just do not aim at straightening your curly hair or vice versa. However you can throw in a few curls in the straight hair if you want, or just straighten the front section of the hair. But all these cant be done in the office bathroom and you need to go to your home or in the car for this primping session. Refreshing the style is the best option for the hair.


All done, except enhancing your feminine smell. Smell makes us ready for the special night out. To get into the mood, a bit of the smell is fine. Have an affordable roller-ball bottle for the quick makeup on the go, do not carry perfume bottle in your purse, as you will be risking the bottle as it might get cracked or the perfume might spill any time.
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