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Make-up to get a fresh look

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You might had a very busy day, but as you have a special party to attend tonight, it is very essential for you to look fresh and glowing, inspite of being so tired! Yes with the help of makeup, you can instantly perk up your mood and prevent that tired look on your face, from getting revealed.

Whenever we go for long nights, it takes a toll on our skin, as you might have noticed the skin looks sallow and dull the very next day. I admit that one needs adequate rest to look good, but at times we just cant help it and need to adopt a not-so-perfectly scheduled lifestyle. So in those cases, you are just left with one option – just fake it!

Exfoliate the face

You must use an exfoliator to get rid off the dead cells from the skin. This will immediately add radiance to your otherwise dull skintone.


Who said only dry skinned ladies need moisturizer, even if you are oily, you too should moisturize your face regularly. To cut it short, use a tinted moisturizer, which will act as a makeup base as well as moisturize your face.

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Foundation and/or Concealers

If you have a lot of blemishes and pigmentation, go for concealer. But if you have some negligible spots here and there, I would suggest, use a mineralized foundation all over the face.

But this step is totally omitable if you have almost perfect skin. In that case, only the tinted moisturizer would do.

Blusher for cheeks

Give some freshness and life to your face, by sweeping girly blusher on the apples of your cheeks. Remember to blend it well.

Eye Makeup

Keep the eye makeup minimal. You can wear a neutral eyeshadow, and line the waterline with a white or flesh toned eye pencil. For the upper lash line you can use a brown liner, and smudge it out. Then curl the lashes, and apply just one coat of mascara.

Fill in the eye brows

Do not forget to fill in the brows with an angled brush by dipping it in shadow or you can use a pencil even. Use a shade that is at least one shade lighter than the color of the hair.

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For the lips, you can use a neutal colored lip liner to line the lips and fill it in. Then on top of that add a nice gloss in coral or light pink shade.
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