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Monsoon Makeup For Girls

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You might be having a nice time with your buddies having a sip of masala chai in this rainy romantic weather, but you have been quite worried on what kind of makeup to go for in this monsoon as you have a dinner date on the weekend! Even if you are single, and don’t have time for a date, you still love makeup, and so its quite natural for girls to think, dream, do makeup and makeup!

As most of the makeup products are not the best friend of rain, its obvious, you need a specific kind of guideline on what to do and what to avoid during the monsoon for makeup. Dark shadows and colors are big NO-NO this season, alsp we should not be applying on us something cakey and patchy, as during the monsoon, the skin gets greasy easily.

Its advisable to avoid any heavy foundation and go for something water based for the face. If you have got not so much to conceal on the face, use just a sunscreen as the base. Incase you have some blemishes or pigmentation to hide, you can apply a tinted moisturiser or a liquid foundation, and then take a concealer brush and apply your favourite liquid concealer on the problematic areas of the face. I would suggest not to use a cream concealer as that might make your skin oily or greasy after sometime.

Also you can use any powder foundation or mineralized foundations on your face, that’s the best for this season. Prior to applying the foundation, you may apply toner on your face to feel fresh and get a dewy look.

For the eyes, you can use a dark brown or chocolate shadow all over the eyelid upto the crease and then use a waterproof kohl to line your upper lashline and smudge it. Lining the waterline is also okay. Colored eye pencils are totally hot for this season, so instead of plain safe smokey eyes, you can experiment some colors like teal or emerald or some bright colors for lining your peepers. Just one coat of black mascara on the upper lashes would do – make sure the mascara is waterproof, or you can skip the mascara part altogether!

 For the lips, go nude, wear a nude matte lipstick or you can opt for balm too. Glosses are not in this season, so its better to avoid it. Dramatic shades like purple, red, dark brown lipsticks can be kept aside in your vanity for someother time, instead you can go for an orange color.

For the skin, as mentioned before use skin toner to keep your skin refreshed. Sun block lotions is a must. Also keep some facial wipes in your bag, so that you can clean your face while you are on the go. Washing your face with a soft moisturising facial foam is essential – must be done at least 2 to 3 times everyday. Also use a water-based moisturiser for your face daily at night.

This season, curly hair seriously suffers a lot due to the frizz and untamed boys on the crown, what say? Even for the straight haired beauties, the situation might be a little better, but not totally under control. So better to shampoo your hair on alternate days without miss, also condition your hair daily. Hair serum is a must or leave-in conditioners are also a good option. Back pulled up high ponytails are super-glam these days, just don’t forget to tuck in some nice accessories in your mane!
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