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How to fix straight eyelashes

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Asians generally have straight eyelashes. Whether you are an asian or not, you too might be having straight eyelashes which are stubborn enough to refuse getting curled. However, I must add here, not all Asians do have straight eyelashes. But this particular problem cant go unsolved. All over the world there are lacs of books available on how to cope up with straight eyelashes. Here, aEsThEtIcS brings for the readers, some of the steps which you can follow to get your straight eyelashes curled up!

1. Curl up your lashes every day. If you are having those stubborn straight lashes, just train them properly every day in a week, without miss. I agree for the first 2 to 3 weeks you will need to dedicate more time towards curling the lashes. But gradually, those stubborn kiddos will get used to curling, and soon wont refuse to get curled.

2. For uneven eyes, curling is the only way out. It might be so, one eyelid has got a crease, while the other eye is not having crease (this happens in mono-lid eyes at times). As a result of this, one eye will be looking bigger than the other one. So you need to curl the eyelashes which will be adding some weight to the base portion of the lashes and that will make your eyes open. This will help to even out the differences in the eyes.

3. Choosing the right tool that is the eyelash curler is so very important. If your eyes are kind of longer ones just like the Chinese, then go for a wider eyelash curler which is less curvy and is best for flatter eyelids.

4. All said and done, its also of utmost importance to learn the technique of how to use the eyelash curler properly. Okay so I will be stating point-wise the technique of using the curler below –

a) Make your eye lashes totally clean and free of any makeup or any residue of mascara.

b) Chin up, now look down in the mirror, you will be able to see your eyelashes better this way.

c) Base first. Hold the curler at the base for 10 seconds. Please be gentle, don’t lift the curler and don’t squeeze.

d) Hold the curler in the mid-point of the eyelashes now. Five seconds will do.

e) Come to the tips and hold the curler for another five seconds.

5. If a black line has appeared on the rubber, just toss the eyelash curler. Buy a new one. If you don’t, there is a possibility of it, cutting your lashes! Changing the eyelash curler after every 3 months is recommended.

6. Just after you have curled the lashes, apply a waterproof mascara. This acts as a sealant. Also waterproof mascaras must be used, as you wont get mascara smeared up in the lower lids.

7. Just reverse the entire process mentioned above. First apply mascara and then curl the eyelashes. But be sure that the mascara on the lashes has totally dried out before going to curl the lashes.

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