Saturday, September 29, 2012

Konad Iloje Flobu BB Cream Review


Konad Iloje Flobu BB Cream costs INR Rs 920 for a tube pack of 50 gms. It is supposed to make the skin more youthful and soft, supple and also clears the complexion. I have earlier written about BB creams in one of the posts – Korean Skin Care Practises ( Click to read ). But incase you wanna know whats a BB Cream, let me tell you, its Blemish Balm Cream which is used mainly by women of East and the South-East Asia.

You can get a number of different types of BB creams in cosmetic market today. Some can brighten up the complexion, some are having anti-acne properties, a few can lighten any blemishes or scars. Some BB Creams can be used as makeup primer, or as a foundation also.

What Konad claims about the Konad Iloje Flobu BB Cream ? : Konad Iloje Flobu BB Cream covers the skin imperfections while creates youthful natural beauty shine through all day. Experience the freshness when applying this product to your skin without unexpected removing makeup and therefore, conceal all of your skin troubles using unique color system ingredients without thick pancake makeup. Konad iloje Flobu BB Cream will not only substitute regular facial-foundation but also moisturize your skin while you applied on your skin to protect and help you skin care.

How can you use the Konad Iloje Flobu BB Cream? : Apply a moderate amount to the face evenly, especially patting gently under the eye area, with fingertips.

Konad Iloje Flobu BB Cream can be used as a makeup primer or base. It gives a nice dewy glow to the face, and evens out the skin tone. If you don’t need much coverage, then this BB cream can be used alone, because it has moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation in it. Very little amount is required to cover the face, blending is the key. Because if you don’t blend it well, it will cast a whitish shade on the face.

As it comes in a tube packaging, its convenient to use and you can also carry it along with you, in your purse. However, the cap is not much reliable, and some products might spill out if you are travelling with it! As it gives a dewy finish, i had to set it off with powder, it makes my skin oily and greasy. Konad Iloje Flobu BB Cream is available only in online stores, if you are residing in India, so the availability is a big problem. You can get only one shade of this product, so there is a probability that it wont match your skin tone.
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