Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to get rid of pillow creases on the face?

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Have you suffered morning blues – like pillow creased face? I know many of you, don’t sleep on your stomachs, lest you get pillow creases on your face, the next morning. But who would want a sleep full of restraints? Just come out of the shackles, and now you can sleep on your stomach too. As for the pillow-creases on the face, here is a way to get rid of them.

You know, these pillow-creases are not everlasting, and will go away within an hour or two. But what if you want the creases to fade away sooner? Splash some warm or lukewarm water on your face and then apply moisturiser on the creases and massage it. This moisturising of the skin will be plumping up the dehydrated skin and with massaging the product will get absorbed into the skin quickly while increasing blood circulation in the skin at the same time.
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