Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to get rid of thigh chafing in hot humid weather?

In this hot weather, we girls love to wander around in short dresses, and skirts. However, many of us do suffer from heat rashes which are reddish in color and develops in the folds of one’s inner thighs. You might ask, why do this happen? Thats because the inner part of our thighs sweat in the hot humid weather and gets rubbed against each other. This constant rubbing is the sole cause of chafing.

Some girls use baby powder to get rid of chafing, but that only works for a short while. May be you have also tried Vaseline! Its generally used by professional bicyclists too. But don’t you think, the Vaseline application is quite messy? But you need not worry, here’s a fix for you to get rid of chafed thighs as soon as possible.

So whenever you go for a short skirt or dress, apply some anti-perspirant on the inner side of the thighs. You can choose from roll-ons or also sprays. The anti-perspirant will help the thighs not to sweat as a result of which, chafing wont be happening. Carry the anti-perspirant when you go out. Because as the time passes, the product too wears off, so you must remember to re-apply.
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