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How to get sexy seductive fuller lips

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Stop blaming your genes for not having the sexy plumpy full lips! You can get the same effect (without surgeries) with the help of cosmetics. Just remember to follow the steps mentioned below :

·        To exfoliate the lips use a toothbrush. Exfoliation is necessary for the lips too, also this helps in improving the blood circulation. So be gentle and massage your lips with the brush. This step adds color to the lips and will make it look thick.

·        Before applying lipstick/lipgloss, please make sure you have hydrated your lips properly.

·        To trace out the lip contour, take the help of lip liner. It is better to use a shade darker than the natural color of your lips. Don’t outline the lips a lot, just line the outer side of the brim of your lips. This will accentuate the curve and you will be able to add a bit of volume to the lips.

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·        Add more lipstick to the cupid’s bow, that is the topmost part of one’s upper lip which looks like M in most people. This will create more volume, but again don’t overdo! You need to achieve full lips and not look like a cheap-star!

·        Deep dark lip colors optically enlarge the shape of the lips. While soft natural colors will make the lips look puffy.

·        To avoid the reflection of light from the lips, do not apply a lot of lip gloss.

·        To get shinier pout which looks puffy, apply some clear gloss on the mid portion of both the upper and lower lips.

·        You can also take the help of lip plumpers to achieve the desired result!
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