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How to minimize the appearance of large pores

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Large pore is a terrifying topic to discuss with many women. This is one such problem which is least addressed by beauty experts but the importance of the issue is not at all ignorable. Large pores are eye sores, and there is nothing on this earth you can do, to reduce the size of the pores. Yes pore sizes are genetic, and you cant make them smaller!

But then, it is possible to minimize the size of the pores temporarily. To find out how to do so, you need to read the rest of the article.

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Clean your face : Clogged oily pores filled in with dirt and dust appear larger. So always make sure, your face is clean, exfoliated and hydrated. Wash your face with cold water whenever possible. Cool water constricts the size of the skin pores a bit, and thus gives a temporary appearance of minimized pore size.

Go for ice facial : Just after cleansing the face, give yourself an ice facial. The ice constricts the size of pores, and reduces any type of facial puffiness and swells. Apply an ice cube all over your face and use gentle circular movements to move the cube all over. This also enhances the circulation of blood of the skin.

Skin toning : Use toner or astringent which constricts the pore sizes and also removes oil or dirt if at all present.

Moisturise your face : If you use a moisturiser, that will prevent the skin from producing excessive natural oil. If the skin is dry due to the cleansing and toning process, you are likely to get a much magnified appearance of the pores on the skin, due to the skin’s effort to retain the moisture back which results in oiliness of the skin.

Use a good primer : If you cant skip foundation in any way, then go for a good foundation primer to kick off the makeup procedure. This provides smooth and even skin, while absorbing excess oil throughout the day.

Powder : This is the final step. After priming and applying the foundation, set the makeup off with a face powder. This absorbs even the tiniest bit of oil and grease you may have on the skin. And gives an illusion of smooth skin, whether you have it for real or not.
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