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Permanent Makeup – It’s pros & cons

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We women always want to look the perfect, and this desire for perfection has given birth to the process of permanent makeup. Now before you take the help of permanent makeup to accentuate your features, please have a look at the pros and cons of it mentioned in this article.

Makeup has its instant boosting power which beautifies one immediately. It helps us to conceal the flaws and enhance our best features. Therefore new innovative techniques of makeup are constantly developed – permanent makeup being one such.

Permanent makeup uses a tattoo gun to ink the skin, in order to mimic makeup. The effect of this cosmetic procedure is PERMANENT, so just reflect on the question whether it is really that important for you!

This procedure of permanent makeup is there for a long time, but only recently this process has been given a perfect shape which delivers impeccable results. It uses pigments approved by FDA and the techniques of application are innovative. But this does not mean, there are only pros in the procedure.

Permanent Eyebrows

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For persons suffering from alopecia or who have undergone chemotherapy, this type of tattooing has been innovated. But even if one has eyebrows, she might need to sculpt and define the brows. This has led to permanent eyebrows. There are techniques like stokes technique or you can also choose for full-tattoo or powder-finished eyebrows.

Pros : Perfect symmetrical eyebrows. Eyebrow color according to your choice. Also this saves on time which we generally require to define the brows everyday.

Cons : Depigmentation. Formation of keloids. Also the process of tattooing is not a painless process.

Permanent Eyeliner

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One who loves well defined eyes always, permanent eyeliner can be an option for her. The pigment which ever you like can be applied under the skin. It will be applied just like your normal eyeliner, near the lashes. To suit your needs, and also to match the shape of your eyes, the line can be made thick or thin.

Pros : You will have well defined eyes always. There will be no smudging.

Cons : Depigmentation. If the professional who did the permanent makeup is not so experienced, the application might be uneven. The color can fade with years, so you will have to redo the permanent eyeliner procedure. The skin around your eyes can also get bruised, if you are having sensitive skin.

Permanent Lip Makeup

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In order to be seductive and beautiful, one must have full luscious pout. Thats what all the beauty bibles talk of. But not all women are blessed with the perfect seductive pout. Therefore many women use lip liners and lipsticks over the edge of their lips at times, so that the lips look voluminous. Permanent lip makeup tattoos the outline of the lips, so that one gets naturally fuller lips permanently. A pigment similar to the lip color is used.

Pros : You get fuller lips without collagen. The results are permanent.

Cons : There is a possibility of getting a wrong color on the lips. A darker color might be used, which makes your appearance unnatural and unflattering. Also there is a chance of uneven application. This might lead to outbreak in case you have herpes virus. Also the pain one needs to undergo during this process cant be ignored.
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