Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Can You Control Thick Frizzy Hair?

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If you are having thick frizzy hair, it’s a painful task to control the tresses. But with a few simple steps you can definitely manage the thick frizzy mane with ease.

·        Wash off your hair with cold water. It makes the hair look shiny, locks the moisture in the hair, and also reduces the frizziness.

·        Run comb on the hair when it is still wet. In case you need to comb your dry hair, first use your fingers to detangle the knots. This will prevent from breakage of the hair strands.

·        Do not use too many hair products on the hair to get relief from the thick frizzy mane. Piling on the hair too many creams, oils, serums, will make your hair greasy and heavy. Put a bit of the product on your palm and rub it and then only distribute the product evenly from the roots upto the strands of the hair.

·        To moisturize the hair and also to manage the frizz, a conditioning spray is just fine. Moroccan hair oils are also great.
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