Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why do you need gloss treatment for your hair?!

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Gloss treatment is an overlooked and most neglected salon services. But trust me, if you are having dull matte hair, then it is time to get back the shine and luster for the hair with this salon treatment of gloss.

Whether you are having natural hair or dyed styled hair, gloss treatment for the mane can be a semi-permanent solution for you to get your mane refreshed. It strengthens the hair cuticles and in this way conditions your hair. Not only that, it brightens your hair color, and helps in hiding away those gray hair by blending them away with natural hair, and imparting a photo-finish shine to your mane!

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So just communicate to your hair stylist and tell him/her what you want! If you just want to add shine without adjusting your hair tone, then ask for a clear gloss. If you want a hint of red to be added to your frontal section of the hair or you want darker hair, then you need to clear that to your stylist.

Generally this hair gloss treatments are free from ammonia and thus will be gentle on your mane too. But if you have any doubts, it is always better to get your questions clarified.

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