Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adjustable High Heels!

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Every woman loves her pair of heels but you need to think of a hundred things before strapping them on to avoid putting yourself through nothing short of a torture chamber. The answer to your feet problem is finally here. Adjustable high heels!

These Adjustable high heels give you the option of enjoying the charm, elegance of heels till the threshold of tolerance and then converting them into shoes that are almost flats. This helps coincide your lifestyle with personal needs of comfort. Shoes come with a heel that can simply be twisted and pulled off from the shoes converting them to flats.A much more advanced version is one where heels of a staggering 10 cm can be reduced to shorter and wider heels of about 2 cm in a matter of seconds.
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 The best part is that it looks like any other normal pair of heels without unnecessary complications or extra fittings. Although this concept has not been widely popularized or accepted, it is still on the road of making its way to the market. Manufacturers are trying to create these masterpieces with emphasis on style and affordable pricing. When you have an alternative where style meets comfort, you couldn’t be asking for more!
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