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How to get rid of body odor

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Though there is this very popular myth going around many years that women can never smell bad, it is not always true. There are many women, who mask their body odor with fragrances and perfumes, but doing so will not build up your confidence and you may start avoiding intimate situations or social occasions feeling awkward about your body odor.

Reasons for body odor: Body odor may be due to stress, medications, diet and medical condition.

  • During stressful times there is an oily secretion under your arms, genitals, palm and soles.
  • Bacteria find solace in these areas and cause a foul smell. Strong foods like garlic, onions and sugary drinks like soda will also add to your bad smell.
  • Some medicines too cause body odor for which seeking a doctor’s advice is the best.
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Body odor Eliminating tips:

  • Bathe with anti-bacterial soap: Have a thorough shower in warm water, scrub your body and use anti-bacterial soap for cleaning. All soaps have the property to get rid of bacteria so if anti-bacterial one is unavailable you can opt for ordinary one too.
  • Stay dry: Shave your underarms and genitals to avoid the hair from trapping bacteria and wipe them dry. Apply talcum powder in those areas and under the breasts and in your footwear too. Use antiperspirants and deodorants. Wear moisture absorbing clothes like cotton that helps your skin breathe.
  • Maintain your hygiene: Change pads and tampons several times a day. You can also use hygiene formulated lotions to clean your genital and wipe with baby wipes. Wear washed clothes and underwear always and bath at least once a day.
  • Stay cool: Do not stress out too much and maintain your calm and coolness by meditation and other methods.
  • Watch out what you eat: Avoid sharks, tuna, swordfishes, red meat and hard to digest gluten. Add more vegetables and fruits with lots of water.
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