Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ADMIRING ~ Colorblock Dresses Style for Women

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If your friends are calling you Miss Matchy-Matchy and you have been thinking to give a vibrant hue with bright variation to your monotonously colored dress, then Color blocking is at your rescue. Color block trend is in and many Hollywood divas or models doing their cat-walk are seen to have this edgy look by combining bright colors tastefully on clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. The models are also sporting dipped hair dye fashion to enhance their color blocked look.


  • Magic of three/four: instead sticking with two color blocks, you can play with three or four colors. Avoid using more than four colors as five tends to border the clowns attire.
  • Neutrals go with anything: If you are not bold enough to flash neon in your wardrobe then base colors like black and white are must haves for you. Wearing a bright red belt or sandals gives it a fresher look.
  • Co-ordinate colors: Do not select too contrasting colors like bright green with bold red. If you insist to choose contrasting colors, keep them complementary and try to tone them down accordingly with slightly deeper or lighter shades. Using different intensity for same color is also a good idea for blocking colors.
  • Cheat with Patterned one: If you are still having troubles in finding the perfect matching colors then go for a patterned accessory which has various colors and select the colors in it in your dress. This will save you from looking odd.
  • Accentuate you positives: Color blocks can be used to highlight your positives and cover your flaws. Choose bright tops to bring attention to your upper body and go for darker pastel colors in the lower half if you have huge hips and thighs and vice versa if you have big busts.
  • Don’t overdo: If you are blocking colors with your fabric then blocking it again with contrasting bags and stilettos is a bad idea. Keep it simple by blocking only once.
  • Print blocking: Bold floral prints or geometric figures are also awesome for blocking. Choose the print that flatters your body, but do not mix solid color blocks with print blocks. Keep it either as print color blocks or opt for complementary solid color blocks.
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These are the few tips you can keep in mind while experimenting with the latest fashion rage. Just remember to choose colors to flatter your body and draw attention to the right areas.
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