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All about artificial/fake nails

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You wish to dazzle your brightly colored perfect nails on that special occasion, but you don’t have time to grow your nails to the perfect length or you have trouble with chipping nails. Artificial nails are the best solution for you.


  • Types of artificial nails:

There are many types of artificial nails namely acrylic, gel and wrap nails. All these types add sophistication with sleeker nails. But they do have their pros and cons too.

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Acrylic nails: These are the common nails offered at salons and spas. They come in smaller shapes as a part of extensions only or the entire nail. These are usually applied by mixing two mediums: a liquid one called monomer and a powder named polymer. It dries quickly. The positive point is lesser time and labor required but the negative aspect is they do not give a natural look. They require varnish.


Gel nails: These nails also come in two types which are light-cured ones and no-light cured ones. The light cured gel nails need UV light to set the applied nails and the no- light cured nails make use of a ready-mix medium which dries faster. The positive side of gel nails is its natural looks and cons are less durable, shorter life and difficult to fix.

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Wrap nails: These nails come as fiberglass, silk or linen. The wraps are cut accordingly to the desired shape of extensions or nail shape and fixed with a spray chemical or paint. The pros are it requires less skill to fix and is odorless. The cons are it is very weak and brittle and come off easily if you tend to do heavy chores.


  • Maintenance of artificial nails: Give adequate attention to your fake nails. Water may seep in between the natural nails and the artificial ones, causing fungal infection. This may cause some health issues if unattended. You also need to have fill-ins for filling the gaps between the naturally grown nails and previously applied artificial ones.


  • Removal of artificial nails : Acrylic nails are removed by soaking in acetone and is time consuming. Pulling it off can be painful and damage your nails. Gel nails can be removed completely by filing and wrap nails dissolve quickly if soaked in acetone for a shorter time.
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