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ADMIRING ~ Hats for Women

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Hats are the crowning glory to your fashion accessories but before placing your topper on your head you must consider the occasions, dress style, facial shape, your hairdo, height and frame of your body figure.

There are many reasons to wear a hat. Traditionally having flowers and feathers on your head wear was considered to bring luck but later it took its place in the world of eccentric and elegant fashion world. In today’s times the guidelines to wear a hat is very subtle. Just remember to bang on your hat with your chic and stylish attitude by either following or breaking the fashion rules.

Occasions: Choose your hat tastefully for various situations. Women can wear a hat in any occasion including formal events. With evening gowns you have a wide choice like fascinators, veils and cocktail hats.

Weather: If it is a sunny day you can sport your large brimmed sun hat and a rain hat during a downpour.

Restaurants or bars: Choose trendy hats like Cloches, Fedoras, fancy Berets with sequins or brooches and Gatsby or Newsboy caps when you go to dine or have drink. 

Time of the day: you can wear any hats during day time but stick to small to no brimmed hats for night outs.

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Types of hats:

  • The cloche: Women who are small figured and with smaller faces can wear a cloche as it has a tight crown frames the face beautifully, grabbing attention to your eyes.

·       Fedora: A generally flattering hat for all faces and is neither tall nor wide

·       Cowboy: If you wish to add softness to a square face then a cowboy hat is a perfect choice

·       Floppy: An oval face has enough length to handle this hat's deep crown and large brim.

·       Bucket: This adds height to a round or heart shaped face and adds a square feature to it

  • Beret: For all face types, it is generally worn at one side and made to take any shape or lay soft

  • Brim hat: Short brim hat goes well with petite figures, minimal accessories and tailored dress and wide brim hat is great for tall women

  • Cocktail hat: Good for tall hairdo and has beautiful trimming with or without veils and suitable for evenings and formal events.

  • Pillbox hat: For formal events it is usually worn at one side. It is suitable for shorter hair up do

  • Stovepipe hat: Attention loving women wear this with well structured dress and minimal accessories. It is best for tall women in formal events.

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You can add your masculine touch or leave the feminine vanity by sticking out bangs out of a hat and hats of exaggerated shapes are better to be left avoided.
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