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ADMIRING ~ Animal Print Dresses

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Animal prints are in vogue now and men and women try to sport their wild side. You can deck yourselves with myriads of printed animal streetwear and higher fashion design. These designs are inspired by wildlife like horse prints, leopard prints, snakeskin print, stripes of Zebras and tigers. They add a feline or leonine touch to your wardrobe ensemble and tasteful choice can make you stand out from the crowd.


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A proper knowledge of the correct way like when and what to wear with animal prints and creative mix and match is the basic key to success in the “catty “world. Men have started to step in this female dominated fashion world. They can choose from trendy animal printed hoodies, jackets, trousers and scarves. But women have always remained a darling to animal prints. They can have all the fun choosing from dresses, skirts, jackets, corsets, stoles, hats, bags and sandals, all printed with wildlife. Strong, bold and stylish women who enjoy being the talk of the town are usually seen to flaunt their rock chick side with bold animal prints.


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There are some tips that you can follow to create the umph factor in animal prints

  • Keep it simple sweetie: Remember to match the printed dress volume to match with your attitude and personality and do not overdo with it. Wearing an animal print from head to toe surely is a very bad idea. A simple leopard print with black stilettos can make people go wild behind you. So add simple jackets or long sleeve tshirts underneath a printed animal dress or a simple corset over a dramatic printed skirt to make it interesting and elegant with a fashionable style.
  • Grab attention with stripes: carry your prints with pride and show them off with smooth and shiny fur to make people notice those wonderful stripes.
  • Keep the prints similar: Don’t try to mix different prints like dog-shaped with snakeskin. Be confident in your one print but if you really wish to try various prints then you can atleast keep the colors similar for them.
    Go wild: let the world know what you are wearing by opting for a bold print or choose a loud color in classic prints.
  • Have fun with colors: instead sticking to the same old and boring default colors of printed animals, you can add various hues to the prints. Imagine wearing pink and purple leopard prints or blue zebra prints. Silver and gold shimmer can also be added to give it an edgy look.
  • Accessorize: choose tame accessories with fierce prints or Technicolor ensembles with subtle prints.
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