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ADMIRING ~ Military Fashion for women

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Military dress has seen its round in the fashion world before but recently its style has changed from being a blend-in hippie one to a sexy and sophistication combined with the tough look. The military style is surely going to be rather big this time. Most of you would be having a military inspired dress in your closet and here are some tips to give it a fresh look.


  • Traditional military look: Masculine cuts and sharp tailored military dress looks bold when paired with spiky heels which are really high. You can choose nude stilettos or those in solid colors. Knee high boots, tailored jacket or blazer which has oversized buttons is also the perfect ensembles for a military outfit.

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  • The girlie look: Add some frills and lace to your military dress and wear a pleated military pant to add a feminine touch to your classic outfit. More emphasis should be given to curvy cuts and playful details to achieve this look. Chunky necklace, funky belts and brooches are the best accessories to embellish this look with.


  • Rough and rugged look: Combine the tough military side with your bold and sexy look to give an overall edgy look. This look works great with heavy-duty boots, military style cadet jacket and leather pants.

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  • Other details: To get a military look you need not always sport a structured military jacket. Even gold buttons and military chains bring you the desired look. Pair a military pant with simple tops or wear a funky color with the classic dress to brighten up your wardrobe. You can also get in touch with the military shoes and jewelries. The other details you can keep a watch for are army green, cargo pockets, brass buttons, zipper, double breasted front, belt loops, cuff links and pleating.
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  2. I love "The girlie look"
    I remember, when I was in Class 7 I had a Military print jeans which I loved a lot. Now after so many years the fashion is back with such great apparels you posted. :)

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