Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hooded Dresses, anyone?

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There were varieties of hoods available from time immemorial as a head cover for women. Since then the fashion of hoods have gone out of and returned to the trendy world often. Now the hoods are back in vogue.

Wearing hooded zip-ups for warmth in winter is a favorite to all fashion-lovers. But sometimes you may end up looking like wearing a sweat shirt or gym cloth with hoods. So here are some tips to look hip-chicy:

  • Art of Layering- Keep your hooding garment thin so that you can add up details by layering. It must not look bulky and should be cute under your jacket.
  • Experiment- Be creative and start trying various combinations of prints, colors and fabric. You always have a pullover hood or a zip hood to wear under a jacket and a blazer.
  • Zip up/zip down- Check whether zipping up a hoodie is better or it is awesome when left open.
  • Patterns- Mixing patterns are surely bold, but pairing the pattern with solid color is always smart and intelligent choice.
  • Accessorize- Try to add color to your plain hood with funky scarves and stoles, just remember to be confident with your accessories.
  • Casual/ sporty look- Hoods are the best for a sporty look and team it with a pair of tennis shoes with leggings or skinny jeans to have a combo of athletic with romantic. Opt for no-heel footwear for a more casual look.
  • Embellishment- Decide whether you want to dress up or dress down with your hoodie and start adding the embellishment. A little idea of DIY pattern will also enhance your look.
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There are different types of hoods available for you to choose from, keep your body shape in mind and then select the colors and details to accentuate your body.
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