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ADMIRING ~ Tribal Printed Dresses

Aztec Print Drape Skirt Dress $ 59.99
An interestingly wild twist is added to the fashionable wardrobe with strong and bold graphic prints in earthy shades like deep brown and orange and natural tone like in straw and wood. This striking turn is due to the predominantly ubiquitous tribal print on the ramp. The tribal print is a perfect blend of designs from ancient civilization with fashion-forward trend. It adds instant funkiness to your attire. These prints look great in any kind of garment but look the best in simple designs like maxi-dress and tunics. These are best teamed with wooden bangles to enhance the natural exotic look.

Eclectic choices:

A blazer inspired by the tribal patterns is used to show off your structured body over shorts or to cover the body flaws without losing the current trendy look. This can further be finished by chunky jewelry. When going for a head to toe tribal print, then do keep in mind to blend them well with suitable prints for tops and pants or skirts.

Subtle tribal:

You can also infuse your funky side to your ensembles subtly, by pairing the tribal pieces with solid colors like black top and leggings. Cleverly sticking to one print at a time will not disturb the subtleness.

Aztec Tiered Print Dress $ 64.99

Abundant Prints:

There are many kinds of prints available in shops. The African inspired prints were in vogue and now common with even school girls. The ramp models have now moved to Aztec prints and south western designs. Natural accents like feather and leather give bohemian flavor and a feel of South America is achieved by accessorizing in silver with turquoise gems.


Like any other trend, not going overboard is the trick to success with tribal accessories. You can start experimenting with this style by buying an Aztec jewelry, tribal printed scarf or bag and see which style suits you well. Try to get inspired by the street look styles. Wearing tall boots adds to the rustic feature.

Some women can courageously sport bold geometric shapes and oversized tribal motifs and still look comfortable and some women tend to stick with the classic look with solid colors. Invest in some good pieces and do not stop only with garments and accessories. Recently many women are showing more interest in tribal inspired nail art too. So go and have your try in it too. No matter what you choose, do it right and look stunning!!!
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