Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to wear wrap cardigan sweaters

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Wrap cardigans are the most versatile garments available for all occasion. You can create an awesome chic look blended with sophistication to keep yourself warm with a wrap cardigan sweater. It is a fabulous way to keep your warmth, style and fashion. It is a staple, versatile piece of fabric which is perfect for your casual as well as dressy look. By choosing the right wrap style, fabric color and texture you can flatter your body comfortably.
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  • Avoid too many layers and choose thin fabric to come out of the bulky look.
  • Cover your flaws by styling with darker colored cardigans
  • Shorter women must opt for cropped cardigans that stay higher than their knees
  • Belt it up: You can attain a chic look using a wide belt or brooch on the draped cardigan
  • Draping styles: The draping styles can be varied in interesting ways. Keep both the front sides on either sides or drape it as shawl with one side over the other for a more casual look.
  • Knotty ideas: a casual chic look is obtained by tying a neat knot at one side or center without any folds behind the neck or back.
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