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Beauty Secrets of Cleopatra

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Ever wondered what Cleopatra ever used in her makeup kit that made her skin so flawless and ever glowing? The last queen of Egypt definitely did not get a chance to experience the modern beauty treatments since the period she belonged to was devoid of beauty parlors, but still the goddess of feminine beauty had kept Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the two most powerful roman men with supreme powers on their knees for years.

Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets:
There are lots of speculations regarding the contents of Cleopatra’s dressing table. But most of her makeup materials were made of natural products like milk, cleansing cream, bath salts and honey. Some of her beauty secrets are unveiled below:

·         The queen used a mixture made of olive oil and lime juice to exfoliate her body and remove the dead skins. Olive oil even helped to remove dark scars from her body. Instead of lime juice even chalk was used sometimes.

·         For the super glowing skin, she used a mix of lime juice, baking soda, water and few almond drops. This mixture helped exfoliate her skin and made it radiant.

·         Water and Apple cider vinegar were the main elements to rinse her face.

·         Warm milk and honey in equal proportion were mixed to prepare a face facial. It must be noted here that Cleopatra always insisted on using warm donkey milk.

·         Another clay face mask consisted of clay, cucumber, honey, milk and yeast which made her complexion fair and skin flawless.

·         Some sources believe that Cleopatra had acne and therefore she used rose water to fade them away.

·         Sea salt baths were prepared for her which she used to exfoliate her body and make it smooth.

·         She anointed her face every day with Balm of Mecca before going to sleep. This balm helped her to keep the skin blemish free.

The beauty packs prepared by Cleopatra can also be used by you. It is not difficult to get any of the natural products and so by using some of them, even you can have a Cleopatrarian type beautiful skin which will be blemish free and flawless. Cleopatra’s main beauty regime consisted of honey and milk. Even if you do not get donkey’s milk, since donkeys are hard to find everywhere! You can use cow’s milk too. Even though Cleopatra was not born beautiful, she eventually turned into one and so can be anyone else. Just try her secrets for yourself and see the difference in your skin.
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