Friday, October 26, 2012

Maybelline Dream nude airfoam foundation review

RATING : 7.7 OUT OF 10

Maybelline has introduced an air infused mousse foundation and named it as Maybelline Dream nude airfoam foundation; this concept though not new because the Eastern markets have similar products but is definitely unique to the Western market. There are 12 nude perfect shades available in the market; like the porcelain ivory, classic ivory, light beige, nude, creamy natural, natural beige, cocoa, pure beige, sun beige, honey beige, caramel and light cocoa.

Product description: The website claims it to be very light and airy with soft texture. The Maybelline Dream nude airfoam foundation has SPF 16 and gives our pre-dispersed refines pigments for the nude finish and ideal for normal skin.

Price: Available at the drugstores, the Maybelline Dream nude airfoam foundation is priced as $10.99 for a 1.6oz/45g can

Application: Just dab your finger and start applying slowly and evenly. You can also build up the Maybelline Dream nude airfoam foundation for high intense and perfect shade.

Packaging: Maybelline Dream nude airfoam foundation comes in a spray can with a pump applicator. The package is neat and comfortable but cannot control the amount of product coming out.


  • The feel of the foundation is great. It feels smooth and creamy on the face and easy to apply. It is very light and fresh.
  • The main idea of Maybelline Dream nude airfoam foundation is awesome. It is very much hydrating due to its water based formula.
  • The pores are not clogged which is great on sensitive skin which can get break outs easily.
  • It has a smooth semi-matte finish. It is the best for those who need low to medium coverage for a flawless finish.


There are lots of quirks to Maybelline Dream nude airfoam foundation and they are:

  • The can must be shaken well enough before applying. Failing to do so, will result in non-pigmented white mousse spray as the tinted pigments tend to settle at the bottom of the can. So shake it well.
  • The shade is tangy orange with beige tints and not suitable for all skin complexion. Finding the correct shade is little difficult.
  • The product also feels greasy and oily at times. It also gives unfinished results. The more you apply the oilier it looks.
  • The foundation tends to transfer to your garment or collar of your shirt which is very messy.
  • If you have taken extra in your hand, there is no way you can put it back. So it goes wasted or you end up applying all on your face.
  • The lasting time is short and coverage is also poor.
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