Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Colorbar Triple act compact review

RATING – 7.8 OUT OF 10

The Colorbar Triple act compact settles down on the face quickly and gives a smooth oil-free look. A quickies make-up kit for those who are in a hurry and a good choice for that smooth coverage achieved fast.

Product description: The Company claims the Colorbar Triple act compact to be a 3-in-1 makeup with foundation, concealer and compact combines as a one step makeup. It also reduces spots and it also adds to the glow of your skin. It has sunscreen protecting elements. There are 7 shades available in market namely Neutral, Sand, Dusk, Fawn, Bisque, Walnut and Marble.

Price: Colorbar Triple act compact costs 425 INR for a box of 9g/0.31 US oz

Application life: The Colorbar Triple act compact lasts for 3-4 hours before the need for re-application arise.

Packaging: The packaging is sleek and classy. The Colorbar Triple act compact comes in a round box with a sponge applicator in the upper compartment. There is a mirror and the compact pack in the box.


  • A super-saver for a quick makeup on the go
  • Lasts for a long time since a little product is enough for the whole face
  • Coverage is good
  • The sponge applicator provided with the Colorbar Triple act compact blends the compact well and is great for sensitive areas also
  • Blends well for all skin tone when the right shade is chosen and gives a matte finish


  • Freckles and intense scars are not covered and a separate concealer is required for good coverage
  • The Colorbar Triple act compact might be expensive and so buying again is a problem for many
( Written by aEsThEtIcS staff )

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  1. does not look expensive!!


    1. oh ya may be, but one who reviewed this for aEsThEtIcS felt its expensive so :D