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Easy ways to do tousled waves without using blow dryer

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If you’re tired of straight hair but hate the damage caused when you try to style it, you should know that you can create tousled hair without the use of an iron or any other source of heat. Everyone loves the beachy tousled hair and the vibrance it brings to any outfit. This simple look can be created very easily and that too naturally! Here’s how

1)      Mix water and sea salt. Spray this mixture onto your hair and then keep scrunching your hair.This method works like a charm and salt in the beach water is exactly how the look was named in the first place.

2)      Braid your hair and go to sleep with it. When you unbraid your hair in the morning you’ll find soft tousled waves. Tying it into a bun will create large waves in the hair. Tying the braid loosely will lead to softer waves in your hair the next day.

3)      Braid your hair when it’s wet and unbraid it when it dries. There will be a dramatic and visible change in a matter of no time.

4)      Scrunch your hair after applying mousse on it Make sure you scrunch sections of hair individually to create soft but well defined tousles and to avoid frizz. Nowadays there are various hair mousses and gels that are specific to creating a wavy tousled look.
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5)      Put your hair up in rollers and let them stay for some time. Keeping them overnight may create strong and defined curls opposed to soft and wavy tousles.

6)      Sometime a right haircut is all it needs to get the perfect waves. A layered haircut with uneven chunks of hair is best for creating this look naturally.

7)      There are various hair shampoos and conditioners in the market that can help you achieve this look instantaneously.

While using hair products, remember to apply it with your hair upside down. Also avoid combing your hair and just remove the tangles and smoothen it out with your fingers. So go ahead and spritz up your look with this beachy hairdo.
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