Thursday, October 11, 2012

E.L.F Moisturizing Lip Tint Review

The ELF moisturizing lip tint comes in eight different shades namely guava, cherry, cinnamon, rose, berry, natural and pink and blush. Each shade can make your lips less dry and nice-looking. They’re also pigmented and not just sheer color that vanishes too soon. Reapplying it for quite few times in a day will give it a strong color lasting for few hours. This feature is a gift to those who like simple day makeup without looking too dressed up.

Claims of the company: The Company’s website claims these E.L.F Moisturizing lip tints to render a ‘lip quenching color’ and most of its users agree to it. It nourishes and pampers your lips. This is the best for chapped and sore lips providing immediate relief to them. In addition, it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles around your lip area.

Price: ₤ 3.50/€4/$3 for a moisturizing lip tint with SPF element is a good bargain

Shelf life: All E.L.F products contain an expiration date and ELF moisturizing lip tint have a shelf life of 3 to 4 months.

Ingredients: The ELF moisturizing lip tint’s a 100% mineral based product without any chemical dyes, parabens or preservatives. It also contains shea butter, jojoba oil; coconut oil; vitamin-E and SPF 8 which moisturize your lips and gives it a soft look.

Packaging: The ELF moisturizing lip tint comes in a slim and black package that does not have much but when applied constantly can last a month. You can hear a click sound while closing the lid and stay ensured that the lid is not going to fall off. The sleek, handy tube also has stickers displaying the shade and the brand name.

Taste: The ELF moisturizing lip tint has very light sweet taste to it which is not irksome even to those sensitive to taste and smell

Pros of the product : The ELF moisturizing lip tint gives a natural tint to your lips and is smooth in application without being sticky. The color lasts for a long time throughout the day. It is suitable for summer as well as winter because of its moisturizing property & light and smooth texture.

Cons of the product : Totally relying on ELF moisturizing lip tint in winter season is not always a smart option because they are less moisturizing than the E.L.F studio lip conditioning balms. But they are great for summer and for the starters with lipsticks.

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