Friday, October 12, 2012

MAC Sketch Eyeshadow review

RATING – 7.8 OUT OF 10

The MAC Sketch eyeshadow is described as ‘burgundy with red shimmer’ and the shimmer particles are almost invisible. It gives a matte warm look and is a multipurpose shade which can be used in many ways. It can be used as overall light was over the eyelid or apply on the crease with a smudge for a soft smoldering look.

Price: It costs $11 for a pan of 1.5g/0.05 US oz and $15 for a tube package is surely worth the money when its longevity and amount is considered.

Application life: MAC Sketch eyeshadow needs a base underneath to stay longer. Without a base it lasts for 3 hours and when used over a base it can stay for 5-6 hours before starting to fade.

Packaging: MAC Sketch eyeshadow comes in classic Mac container which is easy to carry in travel bags or pouches.

Color: It is described as burgundy shade in velvet finish. MAC Sketch eyeshadow also has a red shimmer. It gives a gorgeous wine purple tint with no shimmer and matte finish rather than velvety plum. The color is builadable and looks great when mixed with neutral or dark colors or paired with pink. The texture is awesome for a super classy look.

Pros of the product: It does not give any chalky look and is a lovely crease shade in purple-tone. MAC Sketch eyeshadow can be used to effectively to draw the upper and lower lash lines. This element makes it perfect for smokey eyes and crease or outer V. It also stays for a long time with base with decent pigmentation and versatility. This one color suits everyone.

Cons of the product: Pigmentation is not so strong and takes much effort to blend smoothly. MAC Sketch eyeshadow sometimes gives a punched look due to the deep purple shade. It appears splotchy and uneven.
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