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Eye makeup for different types of eyes!

There exists various eye shapes amongst women and you need to learn what type of eye makeup suits your eye type. The eye makeup must accentuate the attractiveness of the eye shape and conceal the cons. Here are different eye makeup techniques for the different types of eyes.

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Deep set eyes
When applying eye makeup to gorgeous deep set eyes, you must aim to bring out the eyes. Choose light colors when it comes to eye shadows and apply it from the inner corner of the eye and move outwards. Dark colors can be used right above the socket line and blended with the lighter eye shadow
You can use eyeliner on the upper lash line but keep it light and darken it at the outer edge.
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Wide set eyes
If you have beautiful wide set eyes, you’d want to make them look a little closer together.Apply a light eye shadow at the middle of the eyelid to the inner corner of the eye to make it look rounder. Then apply a darker shade from the outer corner to the middle of the eyelid
When it comes to application of the eyeliner, draw lines from the outer edge to the centre and then from the inner edge to the centre so as get the right amount in the middle of the eyelid.
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Asian eyes
If you have exotic Asian eyes, apply a light colored eye shadow across the eyelid. Do make them appear a little wider, apply shades of brown
Draw thick lines on your eyelid with an eyeliner and extend them at the corners to create a slight upturn. Also draw a thinner line at the bottom of the eye. Apply layers of mascara for denser eyelashes.
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Down turned
If you have a pair of mysterious down turned eyes, remember to apply the eye shadow in and up and out movement. Move from a lighter to a darker shade while moving from the inner section of the eyelid to the outer section.
Apply a light line with your eyeliner closer to the upper lash line and blend it well with the eyeshadow.Apply layers of mascara for defined eyelashes.
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Oval eyes
If you have dreamy oval eyes, both light and dark shades of eye shadow will work on your eyes
More than eye shadow, it’s all about how you line your eyes. Make the line lighter as you move towards the inner section of the eyelid.
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