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How to apply and remove eyelash extensions

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Eyelash extensions are an excellent way to  enhance the length and thickness of your eyelashes. Also , nowadays there are eyelash extension kits that can be bought and applied at home. They are present in a wide variety of lengths , textures and colors to suit your needs.However if not put properly , they can make you look like a living disaster. Here are some tips to  wearing eyelash extensions :

1)      Start by washing your eyes and removing any sort of eye makeup you have in your eyelids.

2)      Place an eye pad at the bottom of your eyelid so as to prevent the top and bottom eyelashes from sticking with each other

3)      Brush through your eyelashes with a small brush

4)      Use tweezers to pick up the eyelash of desired length and dip the end of it in the adhesive glue.. For a natural look , make sure the longest extensions are in the middle and for a more dramatic look make sure that the longest ones are placed at the edge of the eye.

5)      The gently apply the lash onto your eyelid. Make sure you don’t attach the eyelash directly on to the root of the natural eyelash as this might cause irritation. Leave a distance of 0.01 to 0.02 mm from the root of the natural eyelash.

6)      Make sure the extensions are curling upwards and brush through them once they’re dried.
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When it come to removing these extensions , follow these steps :-

1)      Never pull out or pluck the extensions

2)      Expose your face to steam for about 10 – 15 minutes. This will loosen the bond of the glue used to fix the extensions

3)      Then dip a cotton ball , or eye pad in olive oil and swipe them on your upper eye lid. This will get them off instantaneously without any hassle or pain.
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