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Fall makeup colors which are must-haves for your makeup vanity

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Dark Vampy Lips – There were vampy red or dark lips all over the runways. Some wore burgundies while others opted for almost black lips. But whenever, you want such dark vampy lips, remember you need to be perfect in the application. Take a matching lip pencil and outline the lips. This will prevent the color from bleeding, smudging. To get clean edges, take a creamy lipcolor and apply it onto the lips with a stiff lip brush. You can add on layers of the lip color later, if you want to get more intense color.

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Sparkly black eyeshadow – The sooty black eyeshadow can turn into a disco like glamorous color, if there are sparkles in the black eyeshadow. You can put a sparkly black shadow all over the eyelids, upto the crease. Or else, take an eyeliner brush and put the eyeshadow on the upper as well as lower eyelashes. This will give a softer look.

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Raspberry lip color – Sometime back, it was the bright neon pinks which flooded the beauty market. But now, the bright rosy pink with a satiny finish is more in. To spice up your lips, add a bit of clear gloss onto the centre of your lips. Keep the makeup minimal and fresh with this. Don’t forget to put on coats of mascara on the lashes to compliment your raspberry lips.

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Crimson flush on cheeks – Earlier match matchy used to be dorky! But now, if you pair your crimson lips with crimson cheeks; its just a WOW! Use a good blush brush to sweep on the color on the cheeks. If the hue seems to be too fiery for you, just tone it down, by dabbing a bit of luminizer on the cheeks over the cheek color. It will tamp down the brightness of the color instantly.

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Green & Gold eyeshadows – Keep aside mint color or lime green shadows. Go for dark greens, its so very flattering on all types of complexions. You can opt for a golden mossy eyeshadow which has a bit of shimmer in it. To combine it you can use a golden shadow. Put the warm gold eyeshadow all over the eyelids, and next apply the green on the crease and also on the lower lash line. Keep the lips and cheeks neutral.

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Silver and Metallic purple shades – If you wear together a silver shadow along with metallic purple, that will create a color blocking style. Sweep over the eyelids a lavender shaded eyeshadow, and for the lower lashes, put on the silver eyeshadow. If its too flashy, put a purple eyeshadow on the upper lashline.

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Matte mauve – The matte mauve eyeshadow should be worn monochromatically and subtly. You can also use this mauve color instead of a bronzer for a change, on the face. Make sure to compliment the eye makeup with warmer colors on the rest of the face, otherwise that gives a corpse like look. So if you want to use the mauve as a bronzer on the cheeks, go ahead and do so, and put a shimmery pinky blush on the apples of the cheeks. Put on a mauvish lipstick and dab a rosy gloss on the mid part of the lips. To glam up the eyes, put on several coats of mascara on the lashes.

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Dark black for the eyes – Smoldering sexy smokey eyes can never go wrong. So you need to have at least one matte black shadow with yourself. Draw an elongated wing with the black eyeshadow and go for cat eyes look. To get a tidy line, always use an eyeliner pencil to draw the wing, and then fill it up with the eyeshadow.
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