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How to camouflage your jawline with makeup

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The jawline is one such feature on the face which can give arise to a number of problems including sagging skin, double chin, acne and scars. But with the help of makeup you can get rid of all these imperfections, and get a flawless face! You just need to follow the certain makeup rules to bring about a change in the jawline (temporarily) and you are ready to shine.

Choose the correct color – If you want to hide sagging skin on the jawline or double chin or multiple chin, then you will have to use a darker color than the complexion of the rest of the face. But remember the difference in color should be not be stark. But a slight change in pigment creates shadows and illusion. Also you can apply a bronzer subtly along the jawline and under the chin, which helps the face to appear slimmer and also conceals acne, wrinkles, scars.

How much coverage is necessary – In order to hide your jawline and camouflage the jawline, you might have thought of layering the foundation and bronzer on the jawline in large amount. However, if you start piling on makeup like that, you would be drawing more attention to the caked up chin and jawline instead of camouflaging it. So you need to opt for sheer coverage.

Firstly apply a tinted moisturiser on the area, this will be freshening up the skin on that area and add to the glow on the face. And then go for the foundation, use it in the same amount you apply usually. Blend well!

How to camouflage/Technique – Whatever you do to your jawline, you must remember to blend it in with the rest of your face. Apply the foundation using dot technique all over your jawline and neck, and then to get a natural coverage by blending the dots. To get a seamless natural look, extend the foundation till the ¼ th inch below jawline. To apply the powder and bronzer, take a big fluffy powder or blush brush. This will give an even coverage to the face, and wont cake out the makeup.

Other makeup Tricks for the rest of the face – You need to employ other makeup tricks on the rest of the face when you want to camouflage the jawline. Line your eyes half-way only. Choose one such eyeliner which suits on your complexion and with the color of your eyes. To draw the attention to the upper part of the face, pick a neutral toned lipcolor.
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