Monday, October 29, 2012

Hair Styling Secrets Revealed

Hairs have the capacity to create or destroy the looks of a person. Hair styling has always been a problem area, especially for women since on visiting a salon; you are typically bombarded with loads of suggestions from the hairstylist and end up experimenting with your looks that might not always be favorable. Here are the best hairs styling secrets revealed just for you so that you know exactly what your hairs wants:

For Short Hairs:
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You can use toothpaste to brush the short hairs since the bristles give you more control over the hairs and can comb them properly without inviting frizzes. While blow drying, be extra careful not to touch the tresses, since that might be harmful and will make your hair extra dry.

Messy Hair Styles:
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Messy hair styles are for an in now. Whenever you have a bad hair day, instead of sitting with the hurler for hours and thinking what to do, just let your hairs as it is. Go for messy braid look, messy bun look or messy pony tail look and forget to worry about your looks.

Wavy Hairstyles:
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The straight hair look is long gone and people are turning heads towards wavy hairstyles. All you need to do is to use your curling iron towards the end of the tresses. Hold for some seconds and then let them be as they are.

Colour Highlights:
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Highlight your hair with brown, red or the colour that suits your hair texture the best. Make sure to highlight the area that is prominent and go in for a shade that is lighter than the actual colour of your hair.

Dry Shampoos:
Dry shampoos are the best substitute for your regular shampoos. On days when you feel like skipping hair wash, just apply them and forget all about hair dryness. These shampoos provide extra shine and add zing to your hair.
With these hair styling secrets, you can not only make your tresses healthy and strong but also alter your looks and make heads turn!
( Written by aEsThEtIcS staff )

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