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How to create ballerina Chic Bun

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Ballet inspired hairdos are much in fashion now. The chic yet subtle style of ballerina hairs make them ideal for almost any kind of occasion. They are your best partners to bet on a bad hair day since you would not need to use a hair straightener or a curling machine and sit through the heat treatment for ages. Ballerina Chic hairstyle is easy to create and draws lots of compliments too.

Types of Ballerina Hairstyles
Ballerina hairstyles are mostly buns that are made up perfectly without any trace of hair here and there. The style is mostly kept subtle since the focus for most ballerina shows is on the dance and not the hairstyles. The buns are either done tightly so that not a single strand of hair gets loose or done with loose braids to add style.

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How to create the perfect Ballerina hairstyle:
Normally a pony tail is used as a base for these hairstyles. For the classic ballerina hairdo, first apply hair gel on your hairs and then make a small pony tail placed at the middle of your back head. Now twist the pony tail as much as you can and cover the base with it. Now either use hair elastic to place it perfectly or use hair clips to hold the bun tightly.
Though Ballerina hairstyles are simple and neat but just to add some style quotient you can leave the lower part of the pony tail untied as it will glam up your hair quotient. Also use good quality hair clips and elastics that will help keep the bun in place. Ballerina Hairstyle is fast becoming trendy and you can only expect the style to grow more. 
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