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How to get perfect eyebrows

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Earlier in Indian makeup, eyebrows did not hold a notable position in the “MUST DO” list. However, in this new era, eyebrows are considered to be one of the most vital features of a woman’s face. It frames the face, so one needs to pay a lot of attention to shape up the brows perfectly!

You always dreamt and dream of picture-perfect brows, however you had in mind that only an expensive visit to the posh salon can help you attain so! But that’s not the case in reality, we provide you some easy tips to get the perfect eyebrows for yourself.

Determine the shape of eyebrows - First of all, you don’t want to end up with the butchered eyebrows or eyebrows which do not match with your face. Therefore primarily you need to determine which kind of eyebrow shape goes on well with the shape of your face. You need to follow the pencil trick which is so common yet very few women follow so.

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Take a pencil. Hold it against the nose. Where it points is the point from where actually your eyebrows should start from. And place it towards the end of the brow, you will get the point where your brows should end. Treat your eyebrows as if its divided into 4 parts – the first 3 parts should be upwards or ascending while the fourth part should be descending.

Threading – This is an old school methodology, however its still very popular. One needs to use a twisted string. Its moved across the brow area skin so as to pluck the hair. Remember to go to a skilled person, because a bit of mistake can change the shape and ruin your looks, giving you botched brows! This method offers precision and thus so popular.

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Eyebrow Trimming – To get hot flawless looks, trim the brow hair. You will get uniform eyebrows. You need a narrow toothed comb, so that you comb it through the brows and the stray hair stick out. Also you can brush the eyebrows upwards and then use scissors. This will ensure you trim the eyebrows uniformly without getting bald patches.

Waxing for unruly brows – If you are having unruly eyebrows, then keeping those bad boys in place is not a matter of joke! In that case, you can take the help of brow wax or gels which will be setting the brows in place. In case you don’t have one, then you can use a hairspray, just spritz it on an eyebrow brush and comb it through the brows.

Use an eyebrow pencil – To get the perfect shape you want, you can use a colored eyebrow pencil to define the brows. Trace out the shape of the brow and then use tweezer to trim the extra. You can also take the help of threading.

After you have done so, you remove the colored eyebrow line. Now to fill in the gaps, you can use a pencil very close in shade to that of your eyebrow color. If you go for darker shades, that will make your brows look unnatural.

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Highlight the brow bones – After you have got rid of excess hair on the brows, you can put some highlighter on the brow bone area. This will highlight or illumine the brow bone areas. In this manner, you will be emphasizing your eyebrows.
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