Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is lipstick harmful for your teeth?

Lipstick is one such makeup item without which our makeup would not be completed. But recent studies indicate that lipsticks can be harmful for the teeth. Lipsticks can damage the teeth enamel as well as cause cavities in the teeth.

A research was conducted at Sao Paolo University, which considered lipsticks from 10 most reputed worldwide cosmetic brands. The chemical ingredients of those lipsticks were analyzed by the scientists only to find out that a large number of lipsticks contain hazardous elements like lead, lead’s components, paraffin.

Paraffins which can be found in lipsticks are derieved from petroleum. While the derievatives of petrol, tar, animals, plants, and minerals make the coloring agents of the lipsticks. Most of these components are carcinogens and irritants.

If used daily, lipsticks can damage the teeth. Paraffins might stain the teeth and cavities, which if not treated at the root level can result in the loss of dear teeth! Paraffins are generally sticky and stick to the surface of the teeth and attaches itself to the remnants of food particles and bacteria. When the bacteria is attached with paraffin it cant be removed easily, and multiplies fast, which destroys the enamel of teeth leading to cracks in the teeth too.

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Therefore doctors advise women to wear lipstick not so frequently! Do brush your teeth atleast twice a day. Also use an anti-bacterial mouthwash. For the prevention of cavities, one must cover the teeth with a protective coating. However don’t try to do this yourself, you need a specialist who can do this for you.
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