Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to pick a maternity swimwear

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When you’re on the path to celebrate motherhood, you need not give up on the other small joys of life. You can still laze around at the beach or even get into the water without experiencing difficulties. The only difference is , you need to pick out swimwear that you’re comfortable in and complements your baby bump.Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing swimwear during stages of pregnancy

1. Size
You would want to invest in one piece of good swimwear instead of having to buy them at different stages of your pregnancy. Keeping your belly in mind, buy a swimsuit that has a little space to accommodate an expansion in size.
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2. Fit
When choosing swimwear, remember that it shouldn’t be too figure hugging. However it should provide adequate support to the breasts, hip and stomach.

3. Type
If you’re completely comfortable with flaunting your baby bump, there’s nothing more like it! Go for  halter bikinis, skirted halters, nursing bikinis ,one-piece bikini suits ,tankinis etc. The material can be of cotton or lycra. Preferably lycra or spandex, because of its stretching capacity. Short swimskirts is another great option you can consider.
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4. Colour & pattern
If you’re looking for something that gives you a slimming effect, you can never go wrong with black ! Else , go for bright , wild , funky colours and patterns. Also embellishments , patterns etc can help shift the focus away from your belly to your upper body.
Make sure you do NOT opt for plus size swimwear because this might be comfortable but fails to provide the right support or complement your body shape.There are many brands that have come up with lines of maternity swimwear which makes the search for your perfect swimwear much easier.
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  1. Como me hubiera gustado a ver leido tu blog cuando estaba embarazada!!!!!
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    Miss Murder

    1. hey miss murder, cant understand ur language honey :(

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