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How to wear colored mascara

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Colored mascara? Have you ever worn it? As you know, the right mascara always enhance the eyes, and when it is colored then double will be the impact – if done properly! But do remember, if the colored mascara does not complement the overall looks and makeup – then it can result in a tacky look! These brightly colored mascaras can make anyone’s eyes look brighter and colourful and younger! You can find a number of colors when it comes to colored mascaras, like yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, blue et al.

Blue Mascara :- Blue mascaras are widely used and very popular. You can find a variety of hues in blues. Ranging from the cool shaded blues to aquamarines or bright neon blue or dark hues of blue, navy blue, electric blue and even turquoise blue to name a few!
If you are a blue-eyed girl, this blue mascara will definitely highlight your eyes. Go ahead and use blue eye shadows as well as blue liner along with the blue mascara – you will get an amazing look! Obviously if you have brown or black eyes, then also you can wear blue mascara. You just need to find out the right shade of blue mascara for you.

Green Mascara :- If you have green eyes, green mascara is a good option for you. In fact, if you have olive complexion, then too green mascara can be stunning on you.

Purple Mascara :- Women with brown and hazel eyes will look like a show-stopper with purple mascara. Women with grey, blue or green eyes too can go for purple mascara. Purple mascaras too have different shades in it like eggplant, plum, violet and wine shades.
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Tips to wear colored mascara –
1. If you have dark lashes, always start off by using an eyelash primer. For pale or too fair complexioned women, apply at least 2 coats of the colored mascara. If nothing works out, then use a whitish colored eye shadow on the eyes as a base and then apply the other bright eye shadows and lastly the mascara. This will help the eyes to pop and look vibrant.
2. Choose a colored mascara which compliments your eye color.
3. To get a gorgeous eye makeup look, choose a mascara which goes with the eye shadows which you have applied on the eyes. Add a flesh colored liner or white liner on the inner part of your lower lash line.
4. Colored mascara is safer to be used during the daytime since natural sun light can bring out the real color rather than artificial lightings.
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