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Fringe Haircuts for medium to long hairs

Hair styling is always a problem when it comes to long thick hairs. Since the length is too much, it becomes impossible to use a curler or a straightener every day since that will take the whole day. So that leaves you with only one option and that is to choose a hairstyle that will not only compliment your style but also give you a new look every day. Well in that case, Fringe hairstyles are just what you want for your long hairs!

                                     Fringe haircuts are in vogue nowadays. With celebrities like Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Bella Heathcote, Liv Tyler and Reese Witherspoon seen sporting them regularly in red carpet events, movies and film promotions, you are sure never to go wrong with them. Also known more commonly as Bangs, this hairstyle can be sported in different ways according to your face:
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Blunt Cut Fringes: This is worn just below the eyebrows and attracts lots of attention to your eyes. The fringes are cut straight across from side to side and suit heart shaped face people the best

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Deconstructed Fringes: Here the fringes are cut at extreme angles instead of the normal straight cut that gives your face a deconstructed appearance, and hence the name. The hairs can be cut from anywhere and any length and gives you a unique appearance.
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Jawline Angled Fringes: These fringes are suited best for people with round or diamond shape face. Angled fringes that are cut down through the Jawline ensures that your face is highlighted giving your hair the extra bounce.
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Side Swept Fringes: Side swept fringes compliment those with a square face. Go for it with additional soft layers that will enhance the sharp features of your face.

The various fringes are described according to the face shape you have. But people with oval face can try any of the above mentioned cuts. Fringes not only add volumes to your hair but change your appearance drastically. Experience the fringe cuts for your long hairs and cherish your new look!  
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